The A to Z Nanny Contract comes in a Do-It-Yourself version and a Do-It-For-Me version. 

The Do-It-Yourself version allows you to immediately download the guidebook, template and household sheets, letting you quickly and easily customize your contract. 

The Do-It-For-Me version is even easier.  With a 30 to 60 minute phone call I’ll pull together your information then create your custom contract and get it to you within 48 hours.  Don’t worry if you’re unsure about anything.  I’ll assess your needs, outline your choices and offer advice on what solution best fits your situation.  This is a great option for parents who are first time employers, have an especially unique situation or are just too busy right now to get it done. 


On the payment page, you’ll have the option to log into and pay with your Pal Pay account or use your credit / debit card.