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I’ve worked in nanny care for over 26 years now, as a nanny, organization leader, trainer, consultant, and coach.  I have several nanny-related projects and offerings.  Visit Nanny Care Hub to get a quick overview.  I’m a diehard believer that one person can make a difference in the world, and that caring for kids is one of the most uplifting, humbling and humorous places to make that difference.   

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Lora Brawley’s professional bio

For those wanting expert help in the recruitment, screening and retention of quality in-home caregivers and the creation of successful nanny / family relationships, Lora Brawley offers a wealth of experience and expertise. During her 26 years in the nanny industry, she’s earned a reputation for providing a unique blend of common-sense strategies and intuitive guidance to the nannies, parents, and agencies she works with. Her work gives her a unique, 360 degree view of the challenges of the nanny / job search, placement process and employment relationship.

Ms. Brawley has developed a variety of exclusive tools to help caregivers and families find the right job / nanny match. Her Ready, Set, You’re Hired! intensive helps nannies develop the job search skills they need to get the interview and land the position. Her Smart Hire program helps parents successfully navigate the hiring process and find the right nanny for their family. And her popular A to Z Nanny Contract guides caregivers and parents through the ins and outs of developing and maintaining a successful employment relationship.

Ms. Brawley is also a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a certified mediator, and communications trainer.